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Bugle Ridge Farm was founded in 1998. It is comprised of 250+ acres with over 8 miles of high fence. We presently have 100 head of elk of all ages. We  have 100 head of Red Deer and 80  Registered Black Angus cattle. And now we have added Boer meat goats to our herd. Although originally established as a velvet antler producing farm, we have now branched out into all aspects of the  business. We welcome your interest in our business from hard antler to trophy animals for your hunting preserve.
Our accomplishments in the Northeast Regionals:
2001:     1st place 6-year old velvet antler.
               3rd place 2-year old velvet antler.
2002:     3rd place 3-year old typical hard antler.
2003:     1st place 4-year old typical hard antler.
                  (4th at the International Competition).
                2nd place mature non-typical hard antler.
2004:      3rd place 4-year old typical hard antler.
                 2nd place mature typical hard antler.
2005:      1st place typical two-year old.
                 3rd place typical three-year old.
                 3rd place typical four-year old.
                1st & 2nd place typical five-year olds.
                 1st place typical six-year old.

We are members of: Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
                                  North American Elk Breeders  (Bronze  Members)
                                  Pennsylvania Elk Breeders      
                                  American Angus Association
                                  Pennsylvania Angus Association
                                  Northwest Pennsylvania Cattlemen's Assn.
                                  Keystoine Goat Producers Association 

We have used artificial insemination extensively on our elk. The A.I. sires we have used the most are Apex, Dika Gold, Czar, Jethro, Platinum and Primetime. We have also progeny from Geronimo, Major Velvet, Manitoban Weapon,
Max II, Maxeaux, Winkle, Pepi,
Smokin Ash, Quebeau, Hammer, Eclipse, Tabasco, Stealth, Diablo, Brewster, and Titan.
Our herd sires are Eliminator (Brutus son), 827 ( Geronimo son), Zaccheus J24 (Winkle son), Zin Zan (Max II son), and Boaz (Pepi son).
We are certified and accredited for tuberculosis and brucellosis.

We are 16 years certified CWD free. August 2000.
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