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Trophy Bulls

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We have both Elk and Red Deer available for sale to your hunting ranch.
Each year we grow bulls hard and sell them all!
We grew 15 Elk and 5 Red Stags out in 2008 and sold them all.
We grew 12 elk and 10 Red stags in 2009 and sold them all.
We grew 10 elk and 5 Red Stags in 2010 and sold them all
We grew 13 elk and 7 Red Stags in 2011, all  sold.
We grew 5 elk and 10 Red Stags in 2012, all sold.
We grew 6 elk and 16 Red Stags in 2013, all sold. 
We grew 6 elk and 3 Red Stags in 2014 all sold.
We sold 14 hard rack elk and Red stags in  2015.
We are sold out for 2016, Thanks.
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